Download maps. The map area starts getting to your unit

Download maps. The map area starts getting to your unit

Update a map that is downloaded

Maps modification in the long run. More data could have been put into it, or even the map writer updated the map. If modifications are created to a map it downloaded, you won’t see those changes until a request (either manual or automatic) is made while you have. Search for updates to obtain the latest content for downloaded maps. You can examine you regain connectivity to confirm you have the latest map for them anytime.

You downloaded the map you are using how you get the updated map depends on the type of changes made and the way.

A information connection is needed to get updates.

Update an offline area

Always Check offline areas for updates to changes that are downloaded the info when you look at the offline areas you employ. Checking for updates requires a information connection. Explorer immediately checks for updates every quarter-hour; you may want to look for updates manually. Handbook demands are manufactured into the range of maps: discover the offline area you wish to upgrade, touch its Overflow menu , and touch search for Updates .

Once you search for updates, the information when you look at the map is updated in those days. Including the addition of the latest assets and updates to current assets. For instance, you’ve got a map having a layer of areas and their amenities. a park that is new built in the city, additionally the new park ended up being put into the areas layer. You may not start to see the park that is new its amenities in your installed map unless you search for updates.

Some modifications towards the map ( instead of the information on it) do not appear by checking for updates. Alternatively, mobile employees must eliminate the map area from their unit and down load it once again. These kinds of modifications include the annotated following:

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