Kid ratings for Animal Jam. Good sense says

Kid ratings for Animal Jam. Good sense says

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Animal Jam does not worry about their Jammers.

I am 13 years old, and I also’ve been playing Animal Jam since I have had been 5. i have had no difficulties with it. The trading system smudged and once I declined the trade, it did not proceed through! I LOST MY PINK LONGER. Simply and that means you know, a lengthy collar that is spiked really «cool» in AJ, and EVERYONE wishes one. I became pretty upset, that it was not the other player’s fault, but it was just the trading system’s fault so I sent AJ an email saying. (should you ever have actually issues, do not bother telling AJHQ, they don’t offer a rip about any of it.) After about 3 pets, some body explained me my spike back that they would get. Did they? Oh no. Therefore i receive an email that was kind of rude today. Some woman called Stormy said because it was MY fault that it got traded, and that clearly their system is just fine that I was NOT getting my spike back. Then she actually is like, this full situation is closed. Exactly exactly exactly How rude. Really, minimal Ms. Stormy can state exactly exactly what she wishes concerning the trading system. It generally does not mean she’s appropriate. Read more